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Robert P. Burns Life Award

This Award is presented annually by the Oregon-Columbia Chapter NECA to the person who best exemplifies the qualities of Robert P. Burns LIFE in the Electrical Construction Industry. Those qualities being:

Leadership Integrity Fidelity Ethics

The membership of NECA is proud to bestow its highest commendation to the following distinguished leaders of our industry.

Life Award Recipients

1989 - Bill Klein 2003 - Jerry Bruce
1990 - Bill Lubersky 2004 - No Award
1990 - Don Richardson 2005 - Max Landon
1991 - Dan Faddis 2006 - Harvey Platt
1992 - Glenn Otto 2007 - John Gervais
1993 - Joe Shelly 2008 - Brian Christopher
1994 - Ray Sytsma 2009 - Ken Fry
1995 - Edward Barnes 2010 - Robert Gotham
1996 - Edward Barnes 2011 - Bob Shiprack
1997 - Eric Christenson Jr 2012 - John Maloney
1998 - Robert Agee 2013 - Mike Murphy
1999 - Jim Nibley 2014 - Gary Severe
1999 - Joe Herrle 2015 - George Adams
2000 - Gary Price 2016 - Keith Edwards
2001 - W.R. Reid Grasle, Jr. 2016 - Tim Joy
2002 - H.D. Buzz Allison 2017- Peter Schwarzenberger


Peter Schwarzenberger receives the 2017 NECA LIFE Award, with Randy Wagner and Mark Walter

This year our Chapter honored Peter Schwarzenberger with the 2017 Robert P. Burns LIFE Award in recognition of his distinguished qualities of Life, Integrity, Fidelity and Ethics in the electrical construction industry!  With close to 100 friends, new and old, it was a spirited evening to recognize Peter and celebrate the occasion!

Peter’s leadership is not equaled among his peers.  His ethical and moral standing has never been in question and he is well-respected throughout the electrical industry in Oregon.  His ease of manner and relaxed outlook on life makes him approachable and esteemed by his employees as well as his friends.  His parent company, EMCOR, a Fortune 500, respects Peter’s strong ability to manage the financial well-being of an increasingly growing and substantial part of their northwest electrical business.

Peter has been instrumental in the growth of the companies he worked and currently works for.  Peter’s prior employment as CFO with Christenson Electric is renowned.  With the combination of Peter’s sound accounting and managerial skills, Christenson accelerated to one of the three largest electrical contractors in Oregon.  Since he joined Dynalectric as CFO, Dynalectric has grown exponentially in the last twelve years.  Peter’s understanding of the complexity of running the financials of a publicly traded company and his determination to continue to meet his deadlines while following the intricacies of Sarbanes Oxley is truly a feat in itself.  He has definitely earned the reputation throughout Oregon’s Electrical Industry and Dynalectric as a CFO to be modeled after.

Peter’s commitment and loyalty to his family, friends and employees is his mission statement.  By putting others first and foremost, before himself, he has gained the respect of his staff.  Their desire to please him by working effectively, modeling his creativity and in turn, promoting the well-being of the entire company is one of Peter’s greatest accomplishments.  He instills in everyone the desire to be honest and caring; to learn from their mistakes to better their work and home environment.  Peter is a mentor and friend to everyone he meets.

Congratulations Peter, on a wonderful career and an award well-deserved!


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  • Integrity
  • Fidelity
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