Chapter Forms

These forms are "working" Adobe PDF files. This means that they have been designed to work with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader as a FORM.

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Local Union 48 Reduction of Force / Termination Slip

Commercial Maintenance & Renovation Shift Provision Form 

Shift Change Request Form 

Market Recovery

Guidelines Updated 4/2019

Application Form 

Letter of Commitment 

Material Stipend Form 

Feedback Form

Time Reporting Form

Time Sheet 

Residential Monthly Time Report (this report is interactive and will auto calculate for you, feel free to save it to your hard drive for repeated use)

The two forms below are provided in Excel format and are fully interactive directly from the web (if your software versioning allows). They will allow you to type the information directly on the sheet and auto calculate hours. We can not guarantee these forms will work for everyone. We provide no technical support if you are not able to get the forms to work. All the forms are provided above in PDF format which will have to be printed and completed by hand.

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Time Reporting Form (Excel Format)

Time Sheet (Excel Format)


2020 Ed Fund Policy

2020 Requisition Form