Ethical Standards Member-to-Member Communication Plan

The Association strongly urges members to have direct discussion with each other when there are issues of concern regarding the ethical standards and moral practice policies in order to better understand each other’s  position.  It has been proven that when more information is gathered regarding a concern or a violation of the ethical standards and moral practices, the whole story will be revealed rather than what is rumored to have happened.

The Association will provide services that will encourage an open dialogue between members to fully exhaust all means of resolution of all issues.


The Association will also provide a basis of facilitation for issues that cannot be resolved through the communication process by utilizing one of the following:

  1. The Board of Directors of the Association to resolve issues;
  2. The Association Staff to resolve issues;
  3. The Ethical Task Force to resolve issues; and
  4. Executive Committee (past presidents) to resolve issues.

 The facilitation process will utilize an open meeting process to encourage full discussion on all issues to provide the merits of each case with emphasis on resolving and/or clarifying the issues between members.