Applying for the NECA Scholarship

Click here for the NECA Scholarship Application through OSAC.

Click here for information on eligibility.

Click here for the eligibility certification formThe certification form must be sent to the Chapter Office by March 1, in order to verify eligibility to the State. You must send us the eligibility sheet to ensure we know who the student is that is applying for the scholarship or they will not be considered eligible.

Please make these forms available to those individuals in your firm who handle this information internally.

Applicants for awards must be (1) children or grandchildren of Veteran Members of the Oregon-Columbia Chapter, NECA or (2) children of employees of members of the Oregon-Columbia Chapter, NECA, and a graduating high school senior. Applicants must be planning to enroll in a full-time, undergraduate course of study at an eligible institution.

REMINDER: Scholarship applications are not available through the Chapter Office. The state encourages filing online with their electronic eApp process. Click here for the NECA Scholarship Application through OSAC.

Applicants can upload their essays and activity charts along with their application forms, leaving only transcripts and special documents (such as copies of birth certificates) to be mailed or delivered to the Oregon Student Assistance Commission.

High school applicants must submit a 7th semester transcript with a class rank and cumulative grade point average and aptitude test scores. Completed applications must be received by the Oregon State Scholarship Commission by March 1, and the Commission will select the scholarship recipient. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE APPLICATIONS TO THE NECA CHAPTER OFFICE.