Founders Awards

The Founders Award recognizes those members who have served the Oregon-Columbia Chapter on one of our committees for 15 consecutive (or more) years.

Volunteers are the fuel that power associations.  Volunteers spend their personal time and put their energy into making our industry better for everyone.

Recipients are honored during the NECA Annual Sweetheart Ball and presented with an award. 

Founders Awards Recipients




1993 Bob Agee Insurance
H.D. Buz Allison Edison Pension
Don Myers Residential
1994 Bill Shird Apprentice
John Chandler Education
Larry Busack Negotiations Labor/Management
1996 Gary Price Apprenticeship
Sid Rennells Codes & Standards
Gene Heil Insurance
1997 Mike Frahler Legislative
1998 Brian Christopher Codes & Standards
Garth Edington Education
Bob Agee Labor Negotiations
1999 Dick Frahler Codes & Standards
2000 Bob Gotham Codes & Standards
Bob Gotham Residential
David Selby Membership
2001 Gene Heil Apprenticeship
David Selby Architects & Engineers
Brian Christopher Architects & Engineers
Sid Rennells Archiects & Engineers
2002 Gary Price Harrison Health & Trust
Wade Longworth Distribution
John Chandler Distribution
Howard Morris Distributon
2003 John Maloney Distributors Committee
Pat Hughes Education Committee
Gene Heil Golf Committee
Dean Roderick Insurance & Safety Committee
Donald Suhrbier Insurance & Safety Committee
Gary Price Edison Pension Trust Committee
Glenn Patterson Architects & Engineers
2004 Wade Longworth Codes & Standards
Wade Longworth Membership Committee
Max Landon Joint Conference
Max Landon Labor Management
Max Landon Edison Pension
Ernie Wagaman, Sr. Residential Committee
Gene Heil Traffic Signal/Lighting Committee
Brian Christopher Ninth District Pension
2006 Ron Coffman Codes & Standards
2007 Jim Ferris Residential Labor Committee
Chet Wornick Apprenticeship 970
2009 Gene Heil Apprenticeship
Gary Price  Edison & Harrison
Stan Heil For Chairing the Legislative Comm
Ken Fry Special - Fry (honoring work on Apprentice)
2010 John Maloney Labor Management
Chet Wornick Cornell-Hart Pension
David Selby Golf Committee
2012 Jim Ferris Code
Stan Heil Legislative
Ron Coffman Code
2013 Mike Frahler Golf Committee
2015 George Adams Partnering Committee
Mike Falconer Golf Committee
Karl Jensen Partnering Committee
2016 Karl Jensen Code
Mike Falconer Partnering
Jon Orrell Low Voltage & Partnering
Randy Wagner Partnering
2017 Jim Ferris Golf
Randy Wagner Labor Management
2018 Jason Landon Apprenticeship Committee
Rod Belisle Code Committee
2019 Karl Jensen Partnering Committee
Ryan Landon Partnering Committee
Mark Walter Partnering Committee
Ryan Landon BALMCC
Blake Landon Legislative Committee
Jim Ferris Partnering Committee
Barry Moreland Safety Committee
Darrell McNeel Code Committee
Andy Busack Cornell-Hart Pension
2020 Ryan Landon Golf
Ryan Landon Labor Negotiations
Karl Jensen Edison Pension