Education Funds & Special Convention Funds

NECA Education Fund Policy

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Establishment of Funds 

Education Account monies are established each year during preparation of the budget and approved by the Board of Directors. The funds are allocated to each permanent member’s account based on the past three-year average of the NECA dues paid into the Chapter. 

The individual member’s percentage dues paid into the Chapter is then used to calculate the percentage of the total Education Account allocated.  For example, if a member pays 3% of the total NECA dues, they receive 3% of the Education Account available.

Eligible Expenses 

Expenses are paid for permanent members and their company representatives for industry related educational seminars and conventions.  Expenses paid include: 



Registration Fees





One night for each day of the convention , workshop or seminar plus one additional night




Rental Car
Rideshare (Lyft, Uber, etc.)



Educational Materials

Books, Forms, Training Software
Other NECA or Industry materials,
not including hardware, electronic or otherwise.


Expenses are paid for permanent members and their company representative, including immediate family members, for industry related educational seminars and conventions -  One night for each day of the convention or workshop; plus one night traveling to and one night traveling from the event.

Payments are made to travel agents, hotels, educational institutions, transportation companies, i.e. airlines, etc., sponsoring organizations of seminars and/or conventions. 

Payments will not be made to individual members or their firms.

Education Fund checks are issued only from proper invoices, accompanied with a completed Education Requisition Form signed by the Accredited or Alternate Representative of the member firm. Please note that as of 2018, we now require the name and last 4 digits of the credit card used to issue a check.

Education Fund monies are established on a calendar year basis, however, the Board of Directors has changed the policy to allow up to a $10,000 carry over into the next year’s account for the same member firm.

The deadline for Educational Fund requests is December 15 of the current year at 4 pm.

Education Fund dollars are available to all members current and in good standing with Chapter dues and industry fringe benefits.

Return of Education/Convention Funds

In the event the class/workshop/convention that Education Funds were used for is canceled, or the person using the funds cancels their attendance, all Education Funds should be returned to Oregon-Columbia, NECA minus any cancellation fees incurred. This money will be returned to the respective members’ education fund account and/or convention account.

Special Convention Funds

In addition to Education Funds, each firm receives $5,000 in Special Convention Funds, which may be used to pay for registration, travel and lodging for NECA Tri District, District 6 Summer Meeting and/or the National Convention.

Make sure to note on the requisition form whether you are using Education Funds or Special Convention Funds. If all Special Convention Funds have been used, we will automatically make up the difference with Education Funds, unless otherwise noted.