Safety Is a Top Priority

NECA and IBEW safety programs are the most effective and extensive in the electrical industry, preparing our contractors and electricians to provide cost effective, high-quality services in a safe manner. Our commitment to safety has recently resulted in the completion of 35 million work-hours without a single fatality.

Our goal is to implement effective safety education that thoroughly prepares workers to prevent accidents. The Electrical Training Program requires our apprentices to take classes in construction safety, general safe job practices, the National Electrical Code, and a 10-hour course on OSHA safety guidelines. Journeymen stay up to date with ongoing classes.

NECA Contractors have access to an important safety resource as well. Barry Moreland, Safety Director at the NECA/IBEW Electrical Training Center, is available as a consultant to advise contractors and assist them in ensuring their worksites are safe.

In fact, NECA contractors have learned that a good safety program is a cost-effective measure, offsetting the expense of new equipment and saving customers money in well-made, low-maintenance products.

The partnership between NECA and IBEW has recently implemented an innovative new program for individual job sites—a mobile library called the Safety Van. The van carries literature, videos, and presentation materials for education on every electrical safety issue, and a certified safety instructor staffs it. Portland-area contractors can request that the van visit their construction site to conduct classes on proper job-safety techniques.

Nationally, NECA and IBEW set additional safety standards, the National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS). These establish a strict baseline level of quality and workmanship that NECA contractors must fulfill—in addition to any state and national regulations.

As experts in the electrical industry, we are active participants in our communities, working together to educate the public about electrical safety. The partnership assists community groups with special projects and events that require complex or hazardous wiring. We also help to safely light up many large-scale holiday displays each year such as The Grotto in Portland and the State Capitol Building in Salem.

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