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With a renewed interest in compliance by local authorities for both licensing and permits, it is very important for every contractor to have a permit on the job when you begin work. 

How do you do that for emergency unanticipated work, or service work you ask. Follow the information below and you will protect yourself. 

Unfortunately, contractor work cannot begin before a permit is issued (ORS 479.550), and the serving Utilities cannot reconnect power to repaired services until the installation is approved by the jurisdiction (ORS 479.570).  Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) and Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) do provide some relief allowing emergency work before a permit is issued, and reconnection before inspection by the jurisdiction. They are:

  1. ORS 479.550 and OAR 918-309-0080 allow the use of a temporary permit in an emergency.

  2. ORS 479.570(2)(1) allows a licensed signing supervisor to request, in writing, reconnection of a service to which the appropriate electrical permit has been attached