Ethical Standards Purpose Statement

The Oregon-Columbia Chapter, NECA, historically, has supported and continues to support the highest legal and ethical standards in construction for the benefit of its members, the industry and the consuming public.  Illegal and unethical practices distort the fair and level playing field needed for entrepreneurial competition. 

The position of the Association continues to include support for full and fair enforcement of federal antitrust statutes.  The Association will take an active role to provide a set of accepted moral principles governing the appropriate conduct for individuals and contractor members.

The Association will also provide a communication plan to assist member-to-member discussion and provide a means of facilitation to resolve outstanding issues.

Further, the association will develop and promote programs which educate the electrical construction industry in the highest standards of legal and ethical business practice and in the value of maintaining those standards.  NECA also encourages each of its member firms to adopt, promote and enforce its own code of ethical conduct based on industry standards.